About 18North

Trust us to be your Partner in Progress.

Where we want to be ? What we do ? How do we do it ?


Among equals, since 2015, we have navigated the startup-curve through phases of novelty initiation and trough, however by sticking to our goals - we have turned financially viable!

Where we want to be ?

We see ourselves to be a trusted, valued, conscious and sustainable digital services partner in the select service areas and the domains.

What we do ?

Digital Services: We provide Application Development and Application Portfolio Management Services in the areas as Enterprise Mobile Apps, Responsive Web Apps, API Centric Platforms/Applications, Decentralized Applications – so as to enable the Stakeholders in their holistic goal of consuming highly responsive, accurate and elegant digital services.

How do we do it ?

Service Experience: By providing positive and subtle service experience by insightful and optimum touchpoints to our Customers with understanding of their values and goals by delivering services with integrity and commitment.

People and Capabilities: By bringing the certainty to our commitments by -

  1. building timely and methodical capabilities in the areas we chose to work
  2. hiring individuals with masters and engineering education in computer science
  3. deploying industry leading learning platforms
  4. working with network of highly experienced domain and technology specialists and
  5. constantly applying wisdom of our mentors

Harmonious ecosystem: By focusing on the harmonious exchange among and well-being of the ecosystem of our growing Customers, Employees and Partners.