Case Studies

Engagement Journey – Sustained and Developed Long Term engagement relationship with a Fintech Customer

Since Sep 2015, Developed and sustained long term engagement relationships with a Tier-1 Fintech Company in India

  • Designed and developed series enterprise class mVisa Payment Mobile Wallet Apps in Native Android and iOS Technologies.
  • Inbound service transition of WebApp and App Portfolio
  • Performance redesign up to 70% improvements of WebApp Channel
  • Transformation of mobile Apps developed in Cross Platform Appcelerator Titanium
  • Successful steady state of App portfolio management
  • Created a cloneable working model for Customer’s mobile channel for its mobile wallet platform
  • Enabled two heavy traffic channels resulting in increased revenue

Enterprise Mobile Apps – Custom App Development

Designed and Developed Enterprise Mobile Wallet Apps (6 in numbers) for Merchant Acquiring business for separate entities as Consumer and Merchant based on our Customer’s Enterprise class close-loop mobile wallet platform and mVisa standards both on iOS and Android platforms; configurable in different languages (e.g.. Arabic and Kinyarwanda)

  • Mobile Wallet Functionality: Customer App: Self Registration | Card Validation | Manage Cards | Manage Payee List | Transaction Details | Pay a Person | Pay a Merchant | One-time Visa Card | Card Statement Merchant App: Self Registration | Receive Payment | Generate QR Code | Refund/ Reversal | Mini Statement | Transaction Summary
  • Near Field Communication (QR Code): Generation, Encryption, Static, Dynamic
  • Design enabling localization Implementations: Arabic, Kinyarwanda, English
  • Technology: Android and iOS Native
  • The design, development features and the development artifact allowed the Customer to create a working model of the App to build on so as to offer it to series of its Customers

Enterprise WebApp, API Centric Platform Development – Minimum Viable Product (MVP) comprising of entire Digital Ecosystem of Mobile, WebApp, API Centric Platform

From concept to realization, designed and developed an MVP. The product is algorithmic and automated diagnosis platform for Atrial Fibrilization – for Medtech / Healthcare startup, London, UK which brings diagnosis of chronic diseases to the care givers, medical practitioners, charities associated in UK

  • A Classic ecosystem of Mobile, WebApp, API Centric Application Platform, Cloud
  • The following solution portfolio was conceptualized, designed and developed
  • Blogs and and CMS – Custom and Wordpress
  • The Mobile WebAPP - HTML5, CSS3
  • The algorithmic decision trees - Designed as Json based decision trees for the Diagnosis and Treatments
  • Enabled the founders to generate positive interest within its Stakeholders, Academia and the Prospective Customers by successfully delivering MVP (Minimum Viable Product) at an agile pace.

Enterprise Mobile Apps and Responsive Apps – Apps and Application Portfolio Management of Mobile (WebApp and Mobile) Channels of Customer’s flagship Cross border remittance platform operating in 24 countries

The Customer organization is a Tier-1 Fintech company in India. The objective of the engagement was to offer Apps and Application Portfolio Management Services through series of services as

  • Inbound Service/Knowledge Transition from Incumbent Vendor
  • Performance redesign of mobile channels
  • Mobile Apps Transformation
    1. Challenges: The portfolio was being transitioned from Incumbent vendor had issues in terms of latency and performance, quality (defects).
    2. Portfolio:
  • Enterprise WebApp designed and developed using PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • Android and iOS APPS designed and developed using Titanium Cross Platform
  • Enabled two heavy traffic mobile channels resulting in increased revenue for Customer

Enterprise Mobile and WebApps – Performance redesign of CMS and WebApp developed by Incumbent Vendor in PHP, MySQL

Customer’s one of the Mobile Channels –its responsive WebApp was in production – deployed by incumbent vendor but had extremely low usage mainly due to performance issues

  • Analysis:We analysed the portfolio with following parameters: Manual Source Code, API Calls and Performance, Web Services and DB connectivity, Automated Code Complexity Analysis
  • Findings & Reco: were classified into various types and duration as:
    1. Types: Maintainability | Hygiene | Performance | Transformational | and Optimization,
    2. Duration: Immediate | Mid Term | Long Term
  • The actions based on priority and pattern resulted into performance improvement of 70% translated into average of 3 seconds response time per page as compared to maximum value of 25 seconds

Knowledge and Service Transition – Executed a very well planned service and knowledge transition from incumbent vendor resulting into long term engagement and trust of Customer Organization

Objective was to manage the portfolio of mobile channels i.e. Apps and Mobile Websites by taking transition from the existing vendor and run it through Application Management Engagement and Improved Service Efficiency

  • An accelerated Knowledge Transfer deploying well proven knowledge transfer methodology
  • Knowledge Transfer Review and Documentation
  • Baselining of source code along with Analysis and Recommendations
  • Presentation of early findings
  • Plan for quick wins, performance re-design and transformation
  • Extremely smooth Service Transition from Customer’s Incumbent Vendor with end result of enabling two heavy traffic mobile channels resulting in increased revenue for Customer