Enterprise Mobility Management

Building Solutions on Native Platforms (Android, iOS),
Cross Platform (Titanium) and RMAD technologies

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Enterprise Mobility:

We build and manage enterprise mobile apps enabling a team of dedicated mobile app engineers working on Native Platforms (Android, iOS), Cross Platform (Titanium) and RMAD technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS.

Service Highlights:

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We have descent amount of expertise developing the enterprise quality apps in Native Android and iOS and one of the Cross Platform App Technology i.e. Appcelerator Titanium for the profitable and non-governmental fintech organizations. We understand that Native Apps leave smallest amount of build footprint on the device, exploit the features of the OS to the maximum extent and perform extremely well if built well. From our experience with the Customers we understand that the native technology choice thus could be best suited for the apps amounting to low-medium functionality in terms of volume on the App coupled with extremely large customer base.

As far as Cross Platform App Technologies, they are designed to share code base and most importantly also to exploit (if required) the native UI features by as well keeping checks on performance bottleneck due to overhead. From the books and by experience, we hence have learnt that cross platform technologies like Titanium are good candidates if the app functionality volume is relatively high and that is catering to specific segment of the users. In our experience the biggest advantage is 70-80 % of code sharing with remaining non-common code amounting to exploit the native user interface features on Android, iOS, Windows.

API Integration, Key Domains and related Integrations (as of now):

Secure API Integrations to underlying platform is a way of everyday life as far as enterprise Apps are concerned. We understand the dynamism of changing business scenarios translating into changes to underlying platforms, its impact on API design, changes and the scenarios of the back-end systems at Customer environment. Time and again, our flexible and agile approach allowed the Customer focus on its complex web and interactions of stakeholders and the underlying technology platforms

Third Party Business Integrations:

Third party integrations is a norm when it comes to enterprise apps. We have built and maintained the apps with third party integrations in the area of Fraud and Threat Prevention, Bank Account Verification, Payment Gateway integration in various geographies.

Social and Analytics Integrations:

There are various terminologies as “SMAC”, “Nexus of forces” which all translate to ecosystem of Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics. As part of our Mobile APP services portfolio and as part of our experience, we have integrated the key social platforms in various contexts as


DevOps may mean a different thing to a large organization with Operations/Service Management and Software Development/IT as different and large units in terms of its literal meaning of the definition. For us it is the defined flow of software development assets and project communication through use of dedicated tools for the continuous delivery across all the environments (staging, production, UAT and app distribution). Here are some of the tools we use in the area of Source Code Control, Issue Tracking, Bundled Customer Deliveries for deployment and Project Management.

Performance, Footprint, Security, Certification:

Enterprise Apps are as well about performance, security and footprint in terms of the size of the Apps on the device itself. We provide independent VAPT services. Our App team is well versed with App security related development knowledge in terms of encryption and related deployment mechanism. For a complex enterprise app, the uncontrolled development practices may lead to large app size translating to large memory footprint on the device. We are well versed with the native and cross platform use of trusted libraries to optimize the App size

Check, Explore and Collaborate with us:

We hire Computer Science Engineers and Post Graduates from reputed universities, most of them are trained with us during their internships. One of the important aspect we assess is their ability to learn, unlearn and as well apply the fundamentals and past learning to new technologies in this fast changing world of tools and technologies. We have proven this once and again, specifically developing our capability in a relatively niche technology of cross platform Titanium app development when we had to ramp up our team size within a couple of months notice. We have as well mastered the art of flexibility, customer centricity and its application to mobile application development and related managed services. So, if you have the need to explore and develop, maintain, service the apps in various other technologies as below, please don’t hesitate to contact us