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Fintech Industry – Our understanding

Fintech Industry: A few years back, Fintech used to be a buzzword and now it’s an actual industry. According to a recent Accenture report, global investment in financial technology (FinTech) ventures in the first quarter of 2016 reached $5.3 billion, a 67 percent increase over the same period last year, and the percentage of investments going to fintech companies in Europe and Asia-Pacific nearly doubled to 62 percent.

Fintech Hub: In simple terms, a Fintech Hub is a geography with cluster of Fintech Ecosystem consisting of the stakeholders listed below with various degrees of capabilities across parameters such as friendliness of regulation, access to talent, startup ecosystem, the branding, established old players, access to risk capital.

Stakeholders of Fintech Hubs: Companies, Investors, Incubators, Associations, Facilitators, Academia, Events, Service Providers

Familiar Domains: Investment and Asset Management, Payments, Remittance, P2P Lending, Crowdfunding/SME Finance, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Market Information/Analytics, Cards

Our understanding of the Domains and the Capability

Following is our understanding and capability regarding the key domains, subdomains of the Fintech Companies and their platforms.


  • International Payment Systems (SEPA, Target2, Fedwire, CHIPS, ACH, LVTS, Chine – FCDPS, CIPS, CHATS)
  • Card Payment Systems
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Combating Financing Terrorism (CFT)
  • Fraud Risk Management for Merchants
  • Unified Payment Interface


  • 24 International Corridors – (Reference: India remittances)
  • Registration and KYC methods of each corridor
  • The Account Types in Various Corridors
  • Pay modes
  • Charges and Tax Structure
  • Beneficiary account structure

Crowdfunding, P2P, SME Finance

  • Credit Rating Analysis
  • Dispute Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Credit Portfolio Evaluation
  • Credit Due Diligence and Know your Customer
  • NPA Management

Messaging Standards, Information Security and Compliance

  • Messaging Standards: ISO8583, ISO20022, SWIFT MT to MX Migration
  • Information Security and Compliance Standards: ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, COBIT, SSAE16, NIST, SOX, COSO Framework, HIPAA, ISO31000

Our understanding of the Technology and Service Areas

As per our understanding, the areas around Fintech Platforms and its ecosystem are centred around one or many of the below:

Mobile First: It’s a no brainer. Mobile is ubiquitous and is one of the key channels when it comes to Fintech idea, platform and the business. We have demonstrated capability in servicing Fintech Organizations in terms of Mobile APP development and Mobile APP Portfolio Management in the native and cross platform technologies.

Platforms and Applications: The key characteristics of the new age Fintech Platforms and architectures are: they are API driven, ideally Microservices based and deployed on Cloud. Our deep knowledge of application management practices and organizational capability and experience makes us confident to provide application portfolio management services to your Fintech Platforms so as to enable you to focus on architectural principles, product roadmaps and the business itself.

API Management Solutions: “APIs are everywhere”. If a Fintech platform is communicating to the channels (web, mobile), most often it is through Restful Web Services. If the ecosystem of use of the Fintech’s Tech components is relatively small i.e. APIs are not publicly exposed but only toexposed to the “IT Development Team” for integrating the APIs into its mobile or web solutions, then its fine. However, if you want to expose the APIs to larger set of stakeholders, service providers or in general to all developers, then API management Solutions come into play in terms of designing, securing and connecting the webservices to API end points and creating and exposing a well designed API Portal to the Developers. There are a range of API management solutions available in the market like WS02, 3SCALE, KONG, Tyk, Apigee etc. We are executing a pilot in terms of creating public APIs using WSO2. Please do not hesitate to talk to us for collaborative efforts on your projects relating to API Management Solutions.

Other Fintech Areas Bitcoin /Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: These are other areas of focus in terms of developing our capability and broadening our horizon towards completeness of service portfolio as IT Service Provider for the Fintech Industry.

Our Readiness

Existing Relationship with a Fintech Customer: After 3 quarters of our inceptions, we started a professional relationship with a leading Fintech organization in India with its product domains in the areas as Mobile Wallet Platform, Payment Gateway and Remittance. We have built series of Mobile Wallet Apps in Android and iOS. Subsequently, we have also transitioned the mobile WebApp and APP Porfolio from the Development Vendor to our portfolio. We went through series of engagements like ‘performance improvements’, App portfolio management, sizeable change requests around integration of third party payment applications etc. Please see the illustration of our journey servicing a Fintech Customer

fintech chart

Management Profile: Our founders and advisors have 20+ years of experience in the global IT industry in the banking and financial services space. They have global experience servicing the Customers in Financial Services space in Europe, USA, APAC and India. They have worked in the companies like Swisscom IT services, Cognizant, Cap Gemini as part of their careers. Various roles which they have played during their careers are in the areas of Product Management, Delivery Management, Solution Architecture, Program Management and Account Management for the customer base as private banks, stock exchange, international depositories. Together we have a keen understanding of the financial services as a domain overall, the seriousness of stakeholder involvement, regulatory, security and data protection related aspects.

Team and Team Profile: We are a young team and of which large percentage of team members are experienced in servicing fintech domains of payments and remittance. Our core team is from top MBA finance schools with good foundation of the banking and financial services domain to build on. As an organization, we have the experience to develop in-house capability and ramp-up team size for the niche skills.

Vendor and Network Partnerships: We have built formal partnerships with organizations which support us in compliance, security,deep domain expertise in granular areas of Fintech.

Mentors and Advisors: We have had dialogues with some of the Fintech Association members from major fintech hubs as in Switzerland and India and consistently seek their guidance in terms of servicing our customers and positioning ourselves. Our advisors are CTOs of some of the reputed Fintech Organizations, Board Members of major Fintech Hubs, Delivery Directors of some of the top 5 IT services organizations of the globe.

Let us grow collaboratively:

We are aware that as a Fintech Organization, you are serious in the intent of service, technology, business model and spending. You are as well nimble, agile with decentralized decision making as a norm. You are either a Fintech Startup or a Fintech incumbent with years of history with renewed focus and culture. So, let us serve you in some of the areas above, let us play a part in your growth and let us grow with you! Please write to us.